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We’ve made going solar a painless process for hundreds of real estate firms and businesses just like yours. We’ll take care of the details so you can stay focused on your core business and start enjoying the benefits of solar ASAP.

Unlock Revenue

No-CAPEX Options

Seamless Process

Dedicated Support

National Coverage

Proven Track Record

ESG Focus

Act Responsibly

Unmatched Solar Benefits

Whether you operate a real estate platform, invest in commercial holdings, or occupy your own buildings, solar can provide many financial and operational benefits. With Wunder’s No-CAPEX offerings and turn-key solutions, deploying solar across your entire portfolio has never been easier or more profitable.
No CapEx Options

Unlock NOI

Solar energy represents a new untapped revenue stream for your real estate holdings.

Go Green

Advance ESG Goals

Sustainability isn’t just a keyword, it’s now an investor requirement and a corporate responsibility.

Take Control

Save Money on Power

Save up to 20% on electricity today, and help hedge against your utility’s annual rate hikes.

Our team can walk you through your options and explain our process step-by-step to help you make an informed decision and meet your unique business objectives.

Seamless, Programmatic Solar Solutions

Unlike other solar providers that lack the capabilities, Wunder exclusively focuses on serving commercial and industrial property owners. We’re set up to help our clients seamlessly deploy solar across their portfolio holdings, whether they’re an international institution or a smaller regionally-focused firm. Our team will manage the process end-to-end so that you can stay focused on what’s most important: your business.

✓ Dedicated Support

✓ Design & Engineering

✓ Permitting

✓ Turnkey Financing

✓ Quality Installation

✓ Ongoing Operations

A Measurable ESG Impact

Many organizations and investors are recognizing that climate change will result in catastrophic human, economic, and environmental fallout. By deploying solar across your properties you can help fight climate change and show that you’re committed to being a responsible business leader.


The average solar system size (in kilowatts) that businesses need when going solar with Wunder


Pounds of burning coal a 250kW solar system can displace, offsetting the resulting carbon pollution


Pounds of carbon dioxide a 250kW solar system will displace this year (and save the atmosphere from)

Save Up To 20% On Electricity

Whether you’re trying to reduce your own operating expenses or unlock new benefits for your tenants, integrating solar enhances the value of your real estate assets. A new solar system can now generate $100,000s in cashflow for you over its lifetime.
Save Money Day 1

By installing a solar system on your roof or parking lot, you can start saving money immediately, relative to what you would have paid your utility company in monthly bills.

Hedge Against Utility Rate Hikes

Secure lower cost, long-term, predictable energy costs thru onsite distributed generation, and protect yourself against the utility’s annual rate hikes.

Request a free quote today to see how much your property can save with solar!