Keep America Cold

Whether you believe in climate change or not doesn’t matter, science has proven that it’s real either way. Many companies and individuals are beginning to recognize this and realize that it will result in catastrophic human, economic, and environmental fallout. Since 2013, we’ve made it our express purpose and mission to fight climate change.


Year Founded

40 (+ dogs)

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Built to Date

1133.4M lbs

CO2 Displaced per year

The Unfortunate Science

The planet is warming and it’s our fault.
More CO2 = higher temperatures

Since the dawn of the Industrial Age, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions put into the atmosphere has been increasing dramatically.

As a result, our most sophisticated climate models are all in agreement; our planet will get significantly warmer over the coming years. If left unchanged, our current CO2 emissions are expected to lead to what the U.N has termed “unacceptable and irreversable harm.” Source: IPCC

The Solar Solution

The good news is that as our need for clean renewable energy has risen, so too has solar’s ability to compete with traditional fossil fuels.
Falling Solar Costs

Since 1975, the cost of solar has dropped roughly 99.75%. This is due in large part to rapidly falling hardware costs (e.g., panels and inverters), as well as more cost-efficient installations.

Rapid Solar Adoption

In response to the dramatic cost reduction that we’ve seen, the solar market has grown more than 23,999,900%. Solar energy is now the cheapest energy option in many regions, even in the absence of government subsidies.

Wunder's Progress

Some companies tout that they’re now “Carbon Neutral.” We are too… but on steroids. We’ve been focused exclusively on building commercial-scale solar projects since 2013, and we’re getting pretty good at it.
We Bring Efficiency and Capital

At Wunder we’re focused on realizing our clean energy future. We develop software that empowers solar professionals to build more solar, and we work with financial institutions to deploy hundreds of millions of dollars into new projects.

Importantly, we focus on the commercial and industrial solar market, developing projects for businesses, municipalities, non-profits, and communities that - without Wunder - would have gone unbuilt.

Our Impact Matters

At Wunder, we help build hundreds of large-scale solar systems every year, and each system is expected to operate for 25+ years, producing clean energy for communities across the United States. So what’s our impact? Well, in just one year, our solar portfolio will offset:


As a reminder, this is how many kilowatts of solar Wunder has developed to date


How many vehicles on the road we displace each year, offsetting their carbon pollution

1133.4M lbs

How many pounds of carbon dioxide we will displace this year (and save the atmosphere from)


How many gallons of gasoline we displace each year, offsetting their carbon pollution


How many pounds of coal burned we displace each year, offsetting their carbon pollution


How many homes’ electricity we displace each year, offsetting their carbon pollution

Get Involved

We’re not building another app for teenagers or supporting another SaaS product for big corps. We’re pursuing one of the only tangible opportunities to truly save the world; we’re fighting climate change by pushing renewable energy forward… and we could use your help!